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Current Position: BK-417 Bactericide for RO Membrane

Bactericide for RO Membrane



BK-417 has good penetrating power to microbe cell, it can effectively kill and inhibit bacteria, fungus and alga in RO equipment. BK-417 has the following properties:

1.  Non-oxidative bactericide, fast effective. 
2.  Stripping effective to bacteria mucosity. 
3.  Compatible with all membranes. 
4.  Wide pH range, good bio-degradation, no pollution. 
5.  Operation safe, non-inflammable, non-volatilization.



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Appearance transparent liquid
pH (1% water solution) 7.0 max
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.02 min



Two ways:
 1. Input 400ppm to the RO water system through proportional pump, once a time for every two weeks, 30 minutes for each time. This way is suitable for non-stop desalination operation, but the chemical dosage is big;  2. Stop the RO system and clean the system. If the system is seriously polluted, first, clean the system by chemical agents, sterilize next: 
(1) Add water to cleaning box, make up BK-417 to concentration 400-800ppm; 
(2) Adjust pH <7 (with citric acid or hydrochloric acid, prolong LSB881 half-life)
(3) Circulate for 45 minutes. 


If water supply contains hydrogen sulfide, soluble ferric ion, manganese ion (chlorine or hydrogen peroxide) BK-417 cannot be used. Corrosive, avoid to contact with skin and eye.


25kg plastic barrel, Storage for one year in room shady and dry place.

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