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Current Position: BK-201 Wastewater Decolorant

 Wastewater Decolorant



BK-201 is a macromolecule Decolorant of cation quaternary ammonium salt system.Easy to dissolve in water,security,non-toxic,Hydrolytic stability is good,stabilize in all PH and chlorine-proof. It’s not only good for bleaching of Hydrophobic dispersant dye but also effective for hydrophilic dye.less amount,the result of decolorant is obvious ,sedimentation speed,high clarity .Reducing the composition of COD at the same time.


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Appearance Colorless to light yellow viscous liquid
PH(stoste) 2.0-5.0
Solid content % ≥ 50


BK-201 used to Decolor ant,flocculation and reduce the composition of COD.

Package and Storage:

Normally In 250kg net Plastic Drum, IBC drum can also be used as required. Sealed storage for one year.

Safety Protection:

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