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Current Position: Soaping Agent CP5(Na)

Soaping Agent CP5(Na)


Soaping Agent CP5 is an anionic polyelectrolyte, it has a perfect chelating and dispersing ability to Ca2+,Mg2+,Cu2+,Fe3+,and it also has a good dispersing ability to solid particle and low coagel. When used in the process of dyeing and finishing pretreatment,it can effectively improve the scouring effect.When desizing,scouring,bleaching,dyeing,CP5 can conceal the Ca2+,Mg2+,Cu2+,Fe3+. It can proctect the hydrogen peroxide and slow down the hydrogen peroxide decomposition speed, so increase the use ratio, improve whiteness, eliminate yellow spot.







Amber transparent liquid

Solid Content

50 min

50 min

Free monomer (as MA) %

5.0 max

5.0 max

Density (20℃)g/cm3

1.18 min

1.20 min

pH (1% water solution) 




1.Cheese clean, Chelator,dispersant, Non-foaming soaping agent, leveling agent
2.Adjust the stuff viscocity in non-phosphide detergent
3.Indutry pipeline cleaning
4.Dispersant in textile printing mucilage and industry coating.
5.The dosage is determined by experiment when used as textile dyeing auxiliary and builder.

Package and Storage:

Normally In 125kg or 250kg net Plastic Drum, Storage for 12 months.

Safety and Protection:

CP5 is acidic, and CP5Na is alkaline, so please avoid contacting with skin and eyes. If contacted, please flush with plenty of water.

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