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Current Position: Phosphorous Acid

Phosphorous Acid

CAS No.: 13598-36-2                     Molecular Formula: H3PO3

Molecular Weight:82.00             UN No.:2834


Phosphorous acid is a colorless crystal. It can be slowly oxidized to phosphoric acid in the air. When heated to 180 °C, it can be decomposed into phosphoric acid and phosphine (highly toxic). As a dibasic acid, it has slightly ber acidity than phosphoric acid. Phosphorous acid has b reducibility and can easily reduce Ag+ to metal silver. It can also reduce sulfuric acid to sulfur dioxide. It is corrosive and has b hygroscopicity.



A Grade

B Grade

Main Content (based on H3PO3 ) (%)

≥ 99.0

≥ 99.0

Iron Content (based on Fe) (%)

≤ 0.001

≤ 0.003

Chloride Content (based on CL) (%)

≤ 0.01

≤ 0.02

Sulfate Content (based on SO4) (%)

≤ 0.008

≤ 0.01

Phosphate Content (based on PO4) (%)

≤ 0.2

≤ 0.6


Pure white crystal

White crystal

70% Aqueous Solution Test

Colorless transparent

Colorless transparent, without impurities

Liquid Phosphorous Acid (%)

≥ 70-80

Colorless, transparent


Phosphorous acid is mainly used in the production of phosphates, synthetic fibers and organophosphorus pesticides, etc.. It is also used in producing high performance water treating agent ATMP.


25kg / 500kg / 1000kg in woven bag lined with double layer polythene bag. The packaging should be marked with "CORROSIVE"sign.

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