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Current Position: RECRUITMENT

    Position: marketing personnel

Passionate, love sales work, have good communication skills, flexible, adaptable, good affinity. Not limited to professional, from Zaozhuang and has sales experience is preferred.

 Position: sales personnel

International trade, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or chemical majors, fluent oral English, CET six or above, strong plasticity, Zaozhuang province and international trade experience is preferred.

 Position: Production Manager

Production process, audit new product development plan, and organize the pre production, continuously improve the market competitiveness of products. The parameters of tracking statistics and production organization in the production process, collect and analyze the data related to production, to provide the basis for decision making.The quality control of all aspects of production, processing and quality improvement, organization solving process problems. Familiar with the production and operation management, rich production management, cost control, quality management, logistics management experience.

 Position: chemical engineering design

Bachelor degree or above, more than two years experience in Design Institute, skilled use of CAD.

 Position: automatic control

Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical automation, programming.

 Position: technician

High school degree or above, have good knowledge of chemistry.